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Bonnie Kellert Piano Studio
Lessons for Adults

Experience with Adults: I have been coaching adults for most of my teaching career.   This is very satisfying for me, mostly because of the level of repertoire, the questions posed at lessons and the intellectual exchange.   We often become friends and socialize, adding a special bond to our musical journey.

Interview:  Adults interested in lessons should contact me and arrange for an interview.  The interview confirms that there is compatible two-way chemistry which is essential for success in my studio.  There is a charge for the interview.


What You Can Expect at the Lessons: Adults can expect a high level of instruction based mostly on musicality.  I demonstrate the possibilities for a musical and expressive performance, usually based on stylistic tendencies of the composer.  The genre also impacts the interpretation and adults are encouraged to listen to recommended performances.  

Personalized Lessons:  Lessons for adults are tailored to individuals according to their own goals and needs.  Adults are encouraged to bring technical issues to the lesson and together we explore possibilities for solving problems and challenges.  Fingering is often a big issue and, being a performer myself, I feel qualified to suggest satisfactory examples.   More than one solution is usually offered.  Because every hand is different, the adult can make a determination on their own as to what works best. 


Repertoire: Choice of repertoire is chosen by the adult, although input from me is important to determine if the piece is technically accessible.

Schedule:  Most adults take weekly or biweekly lessons.  

Adult Get-Togethers: I arrange periodic gatherings of the adults (partners and spouses included) to play for each other and offer support.  These get-togethers provide a low-key atmosphere for those who experience performance jitters.  Attendees are not required to perform.  Performances are followed by a pot luck dinner and socializing.  Outside events, sponsored by music organizations, are also available and offer a more formal setting.

Coaching by Visiting Artists:  When possible, I also arrange for Master Teachers or Colleagues to coach with adults who would like to perform and receive comments.


Student Zdanna Skalsky with Visiting Artist, Milton Stern

Comments from Adult Students

As a long-time student of the piano, I have had the opportunity to study with some excellent teachers.  However, I have never before had a teacher/coach like Bonnie Kellert, and as a result I feel very thankful and privileged to continue to learn from her.  … [Bonnie has shown me] how to play Rachmaninoff with my … small hands that barely span an octave.  She can create miracles so that I can play his works by making a few changes but still keep the Rachmaninoff style.  … She energizes me, enlightens me with her great knowledge, explains whatever I don't quite understand in a manner that makes it easy to retain by the time I reach home, and I always feel like I not only learned new ways but had fun too.  … She is the perfect teacher. 

— Sue Golan


When I decided to go back to playing the piano after twenty-five years, I was looking for a teacher who could provide more than technique and a graduated repertoire. I wanted someone who could teach me musicality, a deeper understanding of the structure of musical pieces and styles, and ways of perceiving and bringing out the meaning of the music. I found all this in Bonnie, together with a gentle approach, a depth of knowledge of all things musical that only comes from a lifetime of immersion, and a willingness to accommodate my musical foibles and prejudices with equanimity.

— Michael Shneier



I have been taking lessons from Bonnie for more than a year now, and I am happy to say she is a great instructor for me.  As an adult, I wanted someone who was both knowledgeable and flexible, someone who could help me learn while keeping it fun. Because of her, I look forward to every lesson and the challenges that she brings me, allowing me to progress and enjoy playing more than I expected. During the COVID Pandemic, I was concerned how Bonnie would respond and I was very impressed at how well she reacted, not missing a beat when switching to virtual classes. I look forward to a continuing long and happy association with Bonnie for many years to come, and I have no reticence whatsoever in recommending her services.

- Colleen Stone

I am a recently retired physician who had studied piano decades ago and was looking forward to doing so once again. So, I was indeed fortunate to renew my studies with Bonnie Kellert, both an outstanding concert pianist and pedagogue, and one who is able to pass on her love and knowledge of music and piano technique to her students, both young and old, whether beginner or highly advanced. Indeed, some of her students have embarked on musical careers of their own. I have found that her comfortable piano studio, with its 2 splendid grand pianos, is an ideal environment for instruction. Bonnie is extraordinarily patient and encouraging, and has worked closely with me to develop and to maintain correct technique, as well as how to analyze and to learn effectively each piece of music. I leave each lesson with her clear, written notes and a video recording of the lesson, which serves both for review and to be able to view my progress over time. I recommend Bonnie most highly for any child or adult wishing to develop and/or improve their skills at the piano, as well as to be able to enjoyably pursue their love of music.

- James Zwiebel

I have had, I suppose, four or five piano teachers in my life, and I can say without reservation or doubt that Bonnie Kellert was the best. Hands-down, flat-out, going away the best. She knew the music, of course, and she knew how to teach, but the best part of the learning experience was being taught by Bonnie. Always helpful, never censorious, always vibrant. She taught me a lot about learning music, but the best thing she ever said to me about it was this: Slow practice. It is the cure for every music malady in existence. S-l-o-w practice. V-e-r-y  S-l-o-w practice. 

- Richard Foster

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