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Bonnie Kellert Piano Studio
Student Events

I have found that students practice and prepare their pieces at a higher level when motivated by the expectations and demands of competing in events.  Here is a sampling of performance possibilities sponsored by independent music organizations and State and local affiliates of Music Teachers National Association.

Independent Competitions

Rising Talents

American Protégé International Competition of Music

Chopin Piano Institute

Asian American Music Society International Competition

Young Musicians Inspiring Change

Kaufman Music Center International Piano Competition

Washington Steinway Competition

Washington National Youth Music Competition

International young Artists Piano Competition

Knabe International Piano Competition

Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition for Young Pianists

Beethoven Society

The Italian Cultural Society (Luciana Montanari Mendola Award)

Steinway Junior Piano Competition.jpg

Washington Steinway Competition

Knabe Competition piano-trophy cropped.j

Knabe Piano Competition

Student Events and Competitions 

offered by Music Organizations to which I belong

Sponsor:  Music Teachers National Association

State, Eastern Division and National Competitions

Solo Piano and Piano Duet



Sponsor:  Washington, D.C. Music Teachers Association

R. Tselentis Bach Competition for Piano

Lichtenberg Scholarship Competition

Young Composers Competition

Viola Hartman Awards 

Haydn Sonata Awards for Pianists

Judged Recitals


Modern Piano Music Celebration

Hungarian Music Piano Festival

Specialty Festival

Anthony Chanaka Classical Festival

Baroque Festival

Music Essay Award


Sponsor: Maryland State Music Teachers Association

Miriam Gottlieb Piano Competition

E. R. Davis Piano Competition

Gertrude Brown Piano Concerto Competition

Doris Chase Piano Sonata Award

Spring Solo Festival 

Spring Ensemble Festival

Chamber Music Competition


Davis Competition.JPG

Davis Competition

Sponsor: Montgomery County Music Teachers Association

Swarthout-Hayes Piano Scholarship Competition  

Judged Recitals


Ensemble Recitals

Intermediate – Advanced Recitals

Senior High School Essay Award

Scholarship for Seniors (majoring in Music) 

Sponsor: Friday Morning Music Club

High School Piano Scholarship Competition

MSMTA Student Activities Calendar.JPG

MSMTA Student Events Calendar

Awards Earned for Participation in Events 


Sponsor: Maryland State Music Teachers Association

Senior Distinguished Musicianship Award

Junior Distinguished Musicianship Award

Elementary Distinguished Musicianship Award

MSMTA Intermediate Theory Award

MSMTA Senior Theory Award

MSMTA Keyboard Musicianship Award

MSMTA Keyboard Musicianship Intermediate Honors Award

MSMTA Keyboard Musicianship High Honors Award

Sponsor: Montgomery County Music Teachers Association


Senior Scholarship Essay Award

High School Piano Award

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